Virginia boy with cancer finds love

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An 8-year-old Virginia boy who has been given just weeks to live recently went on his first date, and the story of young love will melt your heart.

David Spisak, 8, and his girlfriend, 7-year-old Ayla Andrews, met on the first day of second grade. But shortly thereafter, David, who is battling leukemia, had to stop going to school, and he has now lost the ability to walk.

This past weekend, David and Ayla went bowling for their first date, and both of them looked excited just to be with each other.

“How do you know you love her?” David was asked.

“My heart,” he replied.

“His heart tells him,” Ayla said.

Despite their age, their parents say there is a love lesson for everyone.

“She's definitely had an impact on his spirit, and I haven't seen this side of him in a long time,” said Amber Spisak, David’s mother.

“Their story is definitely, definitely something that everyone can learn from. Just to love. Because that's what's important,” said Angela Andrews, Ayla’s mother. “At the end of every day that is what's important. Who loves you and who you love back.”

David has been battling cancer since he was 2 years old.

This story was originally reported by WTKR