Volunteer from old Tiger Stadium site injured in hit and run

A lifelong baseball fan who spends his free time preserving the site of the old Tiger Stadium was seriously injured in a hit and run accident.

Now the community is coming together to help Joe Michnuk get back on his feet after his motorcycle crash.

"I don't understand how a person could leave the scene like that," said Jacquie Michnuk. "Leaving him bleeding in the street."

The daughter of Michnuk, 56, calls her dad a fighter. Michnuk, part of the Navin Fields Grounds crew and recently seen on FOX 2, is off of his mower and still in the hospital Friday.

"He never saw it coming," said Jacquie. "It came out of nowhere."

Jacquie Michnuk says her father was leaving a Tigers game July 21st, riding his motorcycle on Michigan Avenue near Lonyo around 1 a.m. heading home to Dearborn. says a woman hit him.

"That car just abruptly changed direction, skipped over two lanes of traffic."

Knocked over with his bike on him, Michnuk says he was still awake but his leg was shattered. He says he saw the driver, a white woman, appearing to be in her 20s.

He said she got out of what looked like a red truck or sport utility vehicle. Michnuk says she asked him if he was okay as two men ran over to help.

"He would have bled to death there, if those two guys hadn't come," said Jacquie.

But as the two men were calling 911.

"She took that opportunity to get back in her car and leave the scene," Jacquie said. "Very disappointing."

Jacquie Michnuk says the driver left behind her red bumper and says her father would recognize her if he saw her.

The Michnuk family has hired a private investigator and hopes any witnesses or that driver will come forward.

Michnuk is now going through physical therapy.

Jacquie Michnuk is just thankful she still has her dad.

She thanks friends and family for the support.  A fundraiser is planned for 5 p.m. Saturday for "Detroit Joe" at Corktown Tavern with live music and a sloppy joe cook off.