Volunteers combat Detroit flooding that could reach all-time records

Hundreds have volunteered to help keep the water out in Detroit as communities on the east side deal with flooding that could reach all-time records.

Three things caused the flooding headache Detroit is dealing with -- 1. Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie flooding into the Detroit River 2. easterly winds and 3.) all the heavy rainfall.

There was a mess in the city of Detroit. Experts say the water log means unprecedented water levels will be a reality.

"You can see the water just flowing over us. A lot of basements are destroyed but Ashlyn was almost like a mini river, like you couldn't get through," said Crystal Perkins, project manager/analytics specialist in Detroit.

A little less than 350 volunteers showed up. The goal was to get 60-80 pound bags filled with sand to be used as temporary levees.

"I always volunteer and I was getting off my problems and doing something for somebody else," said Lauri Kenney.

The state asked the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to help because of their flood fighting expertise.

"There's so many unknowns with how far it's going to come up, we just gotta keep eyes on it and the city is certainly capable of doing that -- they've got a really good team out here," said Patrick Kuhne with US Army Corps of Engineers.

The City of Detroit says the flooding situation is under control and the waters are receding. They've shored up about 30 seawalls in just the city.