Walgreens now selling overdose drug Narcan

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A controversial move by Walgreens, which has decided to stock the overdose revival drug Narcan.

Cops carry them and now a lot of drug stores are carrying kits to reverse the effects of opioid overdoses.  Walgreens on Wednesday announced its 8,000 stores nationwide carrying the nasal form of Noloxone known as Narcan.

"It is basically a spray up the nostril," said Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard.

"I think the more people that have it - the more lives we'll save," said Elizabeth Reader.

Reader is a recovering addict and has been sober for 10 years.  The Milford Counseling specialist says having Narcan readily available without a prescription gives parents and caregivers ammunition against the opioid crisis.

"They definitely don't want to be narcanned because it will send them into immediate withdrawal," Reader said. "So it’s not something someone would do voluntarily."

The suggested use of Narcan or a Noloxone injection, is a single dose.

"But the drugs are so strong these days that we have to do multiple doses," Bouchard said.

FOX 2: "Should everyone have one of these?"

"It definitely wouldn't hurt," Reader said. "Not all of them have needles, some have nasal sprays."

Besides needles and nasal sprays there are also auto-injectors which give the user instructions and just like the first two methods, one might have to use it more than once.

Reader also urges everyone to get educated with many places offering free training.

"You can see it, touch it, so you won't be afraid of it," Reader said. "And it might increase awareness about how it works."

But some critics say that having Narcan or Noloxone so accessible will give those who overdose a safety net and may, in turn, increase drug use and overdoses.

"That's a fallacious argument," Bouchard said. "If you know an addict, you know that all that matters is getting high."

Reader hopes more stores will make the opioid antidote available.

"I hope we don't have such a problem one day," she said. "That would be my end goal."