Walled Lake center trading e-cigarettes for free CBD

Ellie Naughton started vaping those sweet fruity flavors when she was 18.

"If it wasn't for the flavors I probably would've never vaped," she said.

Michigan is the first state to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes to people of all ages. Governor Gretchen Whitmer cited health concerns and particularly in young people, who are drawn to the product

The Greenhouse Provisioning Center in Walled Lake is now doing a trade in for all e-cigarette paraphernalia.

"Anybody brings in any nicotine e-vape pen juice, empty Juul pod, a box, anything that has to do with nicotine flavored or unflavored, bring it into the Greenhouse," said Jerry Millen.

And get a free THC vape pen if you have you medical marijuana card. If you don't you can get a free CBD pen.

"We're doing it all week up to $50,000 because I have to run a business," Millen said.

The response has been overwhelming.

"This is a phenomenal thing. I praise them and I wish more dispensaries would do this because truly I think a lot of people would stop vaping," Naughton said.

On Wednesday, the first day of the e-cigarette trade in program at the Greenhouse, the Trump Administration announced it's preparing to ban flavored e-cigarettes.

Federal health officials say they've been linked to a mysterious lung disease that has sickened hundreds and can be deadly.