Walled Lake dispensary educates veterans on medical marijuana

A Walled Lake marijuana dispensary is giving back to Michigan veterans by educating them on alternatives to addictive pain medications.

Retired Marine Alfred Blackwell uses cannabis to ease his aches and pains.

"It really relieves the pain. I'm able to cope," he said.

Blackwell is just one of many veterans attending a lunch at Greenhouse, a medical marijuana dispensary in walled lake that has yet to open, learning about the benefits of medical marijuana.

"I want people to see that cannabis isn't just about getting high," said Jerry Millen.

Millen owns Greenhouse and says he wanted to do something special for veterans.

"It's Veterans Day and recently the VA is allowing veterans to use cannabis. They won't write the recommendations for them but they not holding itt against any veterans that use it," he said. 

Ryan Schuler spent 10 years in the service and he is now working at at Greenhouse, educating vets and others about cannabis.

"It's more than just PTSD... for myself, insomnia, social anxiety," he said.

Greenhouse plans to open in February.