Warren combats blight with house-to-house inspections

Spring cleaning is turning into a city-wide effort in Warren as the mayor promises to go house-to-house to remove blight.

Thousands of people are being put on notice for problems with their property as part of the city's "clean sweep."

"When I became mayor in 2007 I said I have two goals -- cleaner and safer neighborhoods," said Mayor Jim Fouts.

According to the city, more than 150,000 residential and commercial properties by blight inspectors who have handed out nearly 15,000 warning notices and 1,800 blight tickets. They say the majority of businesses and residents comply after their warning.

"You start with neighborhood by neighborhood, you start with street by street, and door by door, and again we have outstanding people and property maintenance and building, and it takes a whole host of people," Fouts said.

Inspectors will be going through the neighborhoods and cleanup crews will be active from now until November 1st.

"We're proud of the program. We all live here. We have to keep the property safe and clean," said Greg Paliczuk, director of property maintenance.

If you have a blight problem, anyone living in the city of Warren can call the 24-hour BlightBusters line at (586) 574-4662.