Warren family in need after fire tears through home

The Klemis family is salvaging whatever they can after a fire nearly destroyed their home Monday, from soot-covered clothes to picture albums that survived the flames.

"It's like you think you've had a bad day and you want to go home and lay in your bed at night but you don't have a home to go to," said 18-year-old Danielle.

Danielle and her younger sisters first smelled what seemed to be gas, then heard a sizzling sound as an electric fire made its way through their house on El Capitan in Warren.

"I started running and I got towards the basement and that's when I started crawling 'cause I couldn't breathe. When I looked over I saw the black and the red and I just started screaming," Danielle said.

That was a more frightening sight than the flames. Her sisters had already made it out safely. Danielle broke through her dad's bedroom window to get him out of the burning house -- thankfully he was not inside. 

Investigators are not allowing anyone to go in the basement. This fire began with an electrical outlet down there and the wood paneling in the basement was fuel for the flames. 

The Klemis family lost practically everything in the fire-except each other. No one was seriously hurt.

For now they are split up, some are living with a relative and the rest are staying at hotel. Thankfully they did have renter's insurance but could still use some help. Anyone who would like to help out, click here.