Warren hold memorial service to honor fallen police officers

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Officers across America prepare to observe police week, a local department honors the fallen with a special tribute. 

Honoring those who've laid down their lives in the line of duty.

"When an officer is killed the verse states, a part of America dies," Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer said.

The city of Warren came together Friday to remember the faithful service and bravery of Sergeant Christopher Michael Wouters and Police Officer Edward Anthony Rea.

"When we all go to work in the morning as police officers, and we kiss our wives and our children goodbye, they don’t know if we’re coming home at night,” Rep. John Chirkun said. 

 The state of Michigan also gave a tribute to the warren police department Friday.

"We proclaim May 12th through May 19th 2019 as police officer week in the city of Warren," Warren City Council President Cecil St. Pierre said. 

Thanking each officer for their hard work as they remember those they've lost.
"I ask everybody in the city of Warren remember one word, respect, respect our police officers and when you see them thank them," Mayor Fouts said. 

The city's police headquarters named after Sergeant Wouters who joined the force in 1981. Wouters violently lost his life in the line of duty --October 11th, 2000. His badge, retired seven years later.

"Many of the officers here today worked along SGT Wouters. and were friends and his partners. They have borne witness to his sacrifice and carry a piece of your grief," Dwyer said.

Officer Rea -- losing his life while on duty in a car accident March 3, 1969, his badge retired in 1985 and the 37th District court renamed to honor him -- and his family.

" We cannot repay our debts to their families but we do what we can.  We carve their names into our buildings so their legacy endures," Dwyer said.

As House bill 6147 -- signed by former governor Rick Snyder last year -- officially renames Van Dyke between 8 and 14 miles -- after Wouters.
Rea's grandchildren standing by as their grandfather -- and his fellow officers are remembered, calling officer Rea and sergeant Wouters unsung heroes.