Warren man charged with fathering child with daughter withdraws plea, headed to trial

A man charged with incest and sexual assault after he was found to be the father of his daughter's child has withdrawn his guilty plea and will be heading to trial.

Gregory St. Andre, 37, had pleaded no contest was charged with three counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and one count of third-degree criminal sexual conduct after police say he sexually abused his now-20-year-old daughter and got her pregnant. 

According to Warren police, the mother of the daughter came forward to police after the daughter gave birth to a boy. Police believe he began having sex with his daughter when she was only 14.

Warren police say originally, St. Andre said he never had intercourse with his daughter. He told them he gave her a cup of his semen and he "doesn't know what she did with it."


However Michelle Truszkowski, the aunt of the victim, says St. Andre called his daughter his wife. 

"'You know I am the only one that will love you," Truszkowski said St. Andre wrote. "'No one can love you like I love you.'"

In May 2018, the judge revoked St. Andre's $60,000 bond after he tried to send a letter to the victim.

His wife is filing for divorce and told FOX 2 that she and other relatives suspected abuse for over five years but were unable to get the attention of law enforcement, and unable to get her daughter help.

They contacted Child Protective Services and police, but did not have proof. The daughter did not want to discuss the matter until a year after she gave birth. The mother found text messages between St. Andre and his daughter.

After Warren police obtained a search warrant for St. Andre's DNA, the defendant denied the allegations and told police his daughter used his sperm to impregnate herself.

"What he said was that, he was donating sperm to a lesbian couple out of Flint," Detective David Huffman said. "And that there were samples in the refrigerator."

Eventually St. Andre confessed that he may have had intercourse with his daughter, Huffman says, and said: "I can't believe I'm going to say this" and told police he woke up to find his daughter in bed with him.

"At first he thought it was his wife, but there was a tattoo that wasn't there, and it was a confession of one time," Huffman said.

Police say they did not believe St. Andre's story. When the DNA came back, it confirmed that St. Andre was the baby's father. 

"The daughter had the attention of another boy about her age and dad was not happy with it," Huffman said. "And he was saying things like, 'You can't kiss him, you're my wife.'"

According to victim's mother, St. Andre had been contacting his daughter and calling the her boyfriend, sending him explicit photos of his own daughter.