Warren man honored for helping cops catch double murder suspect

Warren man honored for helping police catch double homicide suspect

Just hours after a double homicide in Warren, police put out a picture of their suspect. That's when a man just eating dinner with his family at a Buddy's in Detroit spotted the suspect and followed him, helping police crack the case. 

Darnell Boynton says doing the right thing should be instinctual -- it was for him last September when he helped police catch a dangerous murderer.

"I said oh my God and I jumped up. M y wife said what's wrong, I said this guy is wanted for double murder," he said.

It started with a welfare check at a home off Panama in Warren. Police discovered Steven and Cynthia Collins dead from blunt force trauma.

Almost immediately evidence led police to their nephew, 37-year-old Joseph Borowiak. Investigators released his picture to the public, calling him armed and dangerous.

"I received a chime on my phone and it let me know that there was a breaking news alert, so I accessed the app, and immediately his picture showed up on the app," Darnell said.

Just hours after killing two relatives, Borowiak walked into the original Buddy's Pizza in Detroit where Darnell was eating with his wife.

The family man put down his fork and decided to act.

"There was the initial eye contact in Buddy's Pizza and then I pretty much stayed about 5-10 yards behind him with the police on the phone," Darnell said.

He didn't take his eyes off of Borowiak, waiting at the abandoned house that he hid in until police got there. 

"I wasn't worried that I was in any type of danger I just knew I had to help get him off the streets," Darnell said.

It was because of his actions that the accused murdered was arrested and charged. 

"This gentleman here just went above and beyond," said Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer.

Dwyer and Mayor Jim Fouts honored his bravery Wednesday, along with nine other exceptional citizens helping to solve crime in their city.

Darnell said he would do it again in a heartbeat -- he lives by what his mom always told him.

"She always said that right plus right equals right," he said.