Warren man shot in leg in Las Vegas, says officer & nurse saved him

Survivors in Las Vegas are sharing similar stories of grief, confusion, and sadness as the physical and mental wounds are still fresh from Sunday night's attack. 

Authorities say the madman who rained down terror on the Las Vegas Strip Sunday night used legal devices to modify semi-automatic weapons to allow them to fire in rapid succession.

One of the survivors is from Warren. Lee Dorchak was stuck in California after being shot in the leg at the concert. That was after a Las Vegas officer and nurse helped him at the scene of the chaos. We say was because after FOX 2 and WCSX got involved, he's getting home Tuesday night.

"An off duty cop from the Las Vegas area, an off duty nurse from the area, they took a knife, cut my jeans back, put a belt around my leg. They helped, that's for sure," Dorchak said.

Dorchak called the chaotic scene a war zone and they were all defenseless.

"To be there and see something so devastating take place so fast, it was kind of like uncontrolled war zone and we had no defense," he said. "One of the craziest things I've seen in my entire life and it's something I wish nobody would ever have to go through."

He was one of more than 500 people who were hospitalized after the shooting. After he was released from the hospital, he he had to make the tough call back home to his teenage son.

"I'm coming home that's all that matters. I'm alive. I'll see him when I get there and that's what matters. I get to hold him and touch him and tell him I love him," Dorchak said.

After being released, he went to his best friend's house in California. He said he still doesn't know how he ran after being shot but credits adrenaline and the first responders for saving his life and the lives of everyone else who survived.

"All the families that have been touched by this whether its the first responders, the one's who were shot and the ones who didn't make it, thank you to everybody and our prayers are with all of you," he said.

Now that he's in California, he's trying to get home and the airline wouldn't work with him. The one way ticket was going to cost him $600 and he couldn't afford that so we got involved. The airline held firm and we called around.

Delta got a ticket for Dorchak for $200 and when radio station WCSX heard about the story, they picked up the tab. Dorchak will take the redeye Tuesday night and will be home and see his family in Warren.

There are still miles of Las Vegas that's taped off and is still a crime scene. The terrible memories of the day are still weighing heavy on the minds of all the locals.