Warren Mayor Fouts on Amsterdam recording: 'I'm bored with it'

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A new controversial recording has surfaced, allegedly the voice of Warren Mayor Jim Fouts.

The clip, obtained by Motor City Muckraker, includes a man alleged to be Fouts saying "any kind of sex is legal" even with minors.

"Prostitution is legal. Well in Amsterdam any kind of sex you want is legal," the recording said. " They have women sitting in store front windows - live women sitting there - you can tap on it -  they took credit cards back then - you could get a 16-year-old girl if you wanted one."

On previous audio releases (alleged to be his voice disparaging women and minorities), Fouts has said it is not him on the recordings. On Monday afternoon FOX 2 caught up with Mayor Fouts as he left WWJ 950.

FOX 2: "We would like to ask you about these new tapes,"

"I am not interested in them, the Warren residents are tired of them and I'm tired of them," he said. "I find it interesting that they released this latest phony stuff right when we are talking about the drug task force. Right now what my passion is, trying to do whatever we can to stop this horrible drug epidemic."

FOX 2: "Let's talk about the Amsterdam reference. The definition of that is pedophilia. Can you respond to that?"

"It is just more of the same. I'm bored with it," Fouts said.

FOX 2: "Is it you on those tapes? It sounds just like you."

"You know that's your opinion, it's more of the same - bye," Fouts said, slamming his door.

He later opened his window asking to talk about the drug issue.

FOX 2: "You can talk about the drug issue, but I also want to know about those tapes, they are pretty aggressive."

"With all due respect, I am bored with them, so are the Warren residents," Fouts said. "Thank you, you look great today and have a nice day."

Fouts continued, adding that the drug issue is "paramount."

FOX 2: "How many tapes are there?"

"Maybe there's a million, I don't know," he said. "Maybe there's a million they are all ..."

FOX 2: "And they are all of you, making these derogatory comments?"

"Well, you know, as far as I'm concerned, it is more of the same and the Warren residents are bored with it," he said. "I am focused on protecting and serving the citizens of Warren. 

"A bane issue today is the fact that a **6-year-old child in Warren OD'd on fentanyl. That's outrageous." 

FOX 2: "It is outrageous - but so are those tapes that keep coming out and surfacing."

"You can't compare the death of a child with anything else," Fouts said. 

FOX 2: "This is two different situations but these are your constituents listening to this."

"I want to tell you that I am focused on serving and protecting the citizens of Warren and that **6-year-old child deserves this drug task force that we started today."

**Mayor Fouts was referring to the 18-month-old that overdosed and died after allegedly ingesting fentanyl from her parents' drug making stash in December.