Warren tattoo artist gunned down at 9 Mile, Schoenherr

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Police are investigating a murder of a local tattoo artist gunned down in Warren.

"I was in the shower with my girlfriend, we heard some shots," said a neighbor. "It sounded like a paintball gun."

But it was a real gun and it fired six shots, a car drives away and 38-year-old Marcus Samuel is dead.

They planned this, they planned this," said Cherenika Samuel, cousin of victim. "Whoever did it, it took a lot of balls to come to the suburbs to do it."

About 9:45 p.m. Monday, Marcus was coming home on Stewart Street, in the Nine Mile and Schoenherr area, when he was gunned down as he got out of this black Hummer SUV. 

Marcus was leaving Body Graffiti, on Gratiot in Detroit, also known as "Penitentiary Tattoos." The family says he learned how to tattoo after spending 10 years in prison for manslaughter.

FOX 2: "Do you think Marcus' murder had anything to do with Penitentiary Tattoo?

"No, not even close," said Chris Moore, the victim's cousin. "Not very many felons do 10 years and come out and be a millionaire."

"Marcus he was the sweetest kindest person," Samuel said. "So whoever did this we're letting you know this case will not go cold."

Warren police continue to investigate.