Warren teen to stand trial for fatal stabbing in high school love triangle

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A teenager accused of stabbing a classmate to death inside a warren high school is likely headed to trial. The judge ruled there's enough evidence to move forward.

A Warren detective described his interview with 17-year-old Tanaya Lewis -- as calm and intense -- just hours after the brutal murder of 16-year-old Danyna Gibson last September.

"I asked her how she knew Ms. Gibson," said Det. Jim Twardesky. "She stated 'I don't like her.' I then asked her for clarification of why she didn't like her. She stated 'I hate her.'

"She cried and screamed, laid on the floor continued the interview."

Lewis is charged with first degree murder for stabbing Gibson to death with a steak knife inside the school.

Police say she became enraged that Gibson had been socializing with her ex-boyfriend after their relationship ended over the summer.

"She stated they were working on their relationship at the current time," said Det. Twardesky. "She stated he was the love of her life. She stated that Ms. Gibson ruined everything."

During Lewis's preliminary hearing Friday -- this detective says Lewis initially told him she had blacked out - but eventually admitted to taking a steak knife from her kitchen, before getting into the car with her ex-boyfriend.  She then went to class, which she shared with Gibson.

"She stated that the air was thick in the classroom and that she was struggling to breathe," the detective said.

Prosecutors say after the students began to work on group projects, Lewis texted her ex-boyfriend.

"She texted me she said do you like Danyana and I said I don't have to tell you, we're not together," the ex-boyfriend said. "She goes 'It's time.'"

Prosecutors say that's when Lewis began stabbing Gibson in the chest with other students watching in horror.

Prosecutor: "What did you see in her hand?"

Student: "A knife. I heard her say 'I'm going to kill you b*tch.'"

Witnesses testified that Lewis had been smiling and laughing while chasing Gibson with the knife and stabbing her in the back. A teacher pulled Lewis away as Lewis is heard screaming "'I hope she dies,'" the teacher testified.

Lewis' defense attorney says Lewis, who was a straight-A student, is mentally ill and had been on medication for depression at the time of the murder.

But prosecutors Wednesday say Lewis had time to reflect and plan, referencing threatening text messages to her ex-boyfriend the night before.

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"Her saying to him that 'They are going to get what they deserve. They have it coming to them. They have to watch out.' So, we know at least the night before the homicide, that there is this anger," said Macomb County Assistant Prosecutor Bill Cataldo.

That judge agreed with prosecutors, sending this case to trial on that original charge of first degree murder.  Lewis will be back in court March 18th. She faces life in prison.