Watch: Great Pyrenees won’t drop weapon despite desperate pleas from dog-walker

When Theo the Great Pyrenees "shoved his face into a pile of sticks and branches," his dog-walker thought Theo emerged with the usual stick. He was wrong.

"My eye caught the glint of metal, and it was instant panic," dog-walker Matt Paprocki told Storyful.

Video taken by Paprocki shows him begging Theo to drop what turned out to be a knife, but Theo casually declines.

It turns out, Great Pyrenees are known for holding on to their findings.

"They need trades for something of greater value to them," Paprocki said. "I tried trading him for animal crackers, which I always take with me. Didn’t work. Tried a good stick. Didn’t work. My concern was he was going to jump around and play with the knife."

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Fortunately for Theo and Paprocki, Theo’s owner was working around the corner. Matt sent her the video, and she rushed to the scene with something better to trade.

"Whipped cream didn’t do it. Salmon did," Paprocki said.

Paprocki posted the video on Twitter with the caption: "Somehow I was totally unprepared for this moment."

"Now we laugh about it. A little," Paprocki told Storyful.