WATCH: Licensed carrier fires back, uses own gun to stop carjacking

Police are asking for help catching a carjacking suspect on Detroit's west side.

The incident took place on Thursday evening just before 10:40 p.m. at Heyden's Pharmacy, located off 7 Mile Road and Heyden Street.

A driver in a blue Dodge Challenger pulled into the corner store parking lot, and a white van followed.

Sgt. Robert Wellman of the Detroit Police Department said the suspects may have followed him there.

"The van in question is a white (GMC) Safari or Chevy van," he said.

The driver in the white van drove around the parking lot as if scoping out the area.

Someone got out of the van and walked to the front door of the store to look inside, then he walked back to the van.

A few minutes later, the owner of the Challenger walks out of the store, and gets back into his car.

Then the driver in the white van spins around, comes to the corner, the man gets out again, and goes up the Challenger.

"At the corner of his eye, the guy was able to see the gun," Wellman said. "He grabbed the gun. He was a valid CPL holder. He pulled out his own weapon, and started shooting at the attempted carjacker."

The driver in the Challenger fires about 10 shots, with at least one of those bullets possibly hitting the wannabe carjacker before he runs away, and the white van takes off.

"So if you've got somebody at home sitting on a couch that has a gunshot wound that's fresh, it might be something to call on," Wellman said.

The owner of Heyden Pharmacy did not care to make a comment.

Anyone who knows anything about the suspect is encouraged to call police at (313) 596-2555.