WATCH: Man walks from Philly to Ann Arbor for ChadTough

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Jim Burns knew he needed a cause to work for.  After nearly dying from a concussion in February 2015, he took a look around at his life and realized something needed to change.  When he saw the story of Chad Carr, he found what he wanted to work for.

Burns has never met the Carr family and never knew  the brave five-year-old who died from Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma last fall.  When he saw the story about Chad's death in November, he got up and knew exactly what he wanted to do: walk from Philadelphia to Ann Arbor to raise money for ChadTough.

But first, he had to make a phone call to a stranger.  He called Tammi Carr to tell her exactly what he had planned: a 600 mile journey from the City of Brotherly Love to Ann Arbor - and it was all going to be on foot.

It started June 5. Burns laced up his shoes and post on Facebook that he was spending five weeks on the road with a goal of raising $2 million for ChadTough and Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania.

His journey included throwing out the first pitch at several minor league games, scoring a ticket to the U.S. Open for $20, and a lot of sore feet.

Along the way, he met with strangers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan from places across the country.  One group of guys from Georgia gave $20 each for the cause

On Monday, his journey officially came to an end as he made it to Michigan Stadium with Chad's grandfather, legendary head coach Lloyd Carr and the rest of the Carr family.

For more information on the ChadTough Foundation click here.