WATCH: Woman says shooting boyfriend in face was self-defense

Surveillance video has been released after a 25-year old woman charged with shooting her boyfriend in the face says she was acting in self-defense.

Starr Holmes is charged for murdering her boyfriend.

"It's really crazy but these are the things we see every day in the City of Detroit," said Will, who provided the surveillance video.

Police say Holmes and her boyfriend -- 31-year-old Pap Robinson Jenkins -- were arguing outside a Marathon station on Grand River and Wyoming on Saturday.

It was apparently because he wouldn't return some of her belongings.

The video shows what appears to be Jenkins' car and then two others appear.

"It looks to me like some sort of a blockage or something. It's hard to tell by the multiple people involved and engaging each other," Will said.

During that arguing, Holmes is accused of pulling out a gun and shooting Jenkins in the face, killing him.

"No one is willing to stick around," Will said. "If someone witnesses a fatal shooting you would think that they would stick around to find out what's going on."

While the audio is not working on the video, seconds later, you can see Holmes -- appearing distraught, still holding a gun inside the gas station.

Fox 2 is told an employee called 911 and that Holmes was heard on her phone saying "Y'all come back. He's dead."

Not long after a woman is seen walking in -- crying as Detroit police arrive.

One cop, with his gun drawn, arrests Holmes.

While it's difficult to see what exactly happened in that video, Starr's defense attorney claims self-defense is true and that Holmes was afraid for her life.

SOT - (attorney File sot) "When it's kill or be killed you have to do what you have to do," said her attorney Todd Kaluzny.

Holmes' attorney stating Monday he plans to review this surveillance video.

Holmes has been charged with second-degree murder and felony firearm, and her bond was denied.