Waterford apartment residents living 4 days without heat

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Heating problems combined with a water leak are leaving people at a Waterford apartment complex furious.

Management tells us they're taking action, but residents say they're still left in the cold.

"This is day four without heat," said one woman who lives there.

No heat since Monday night for this woman and her 5-year-old son inside their Waterford Square Apartment. 

Besides suffering with a leaking ceiling and floor, the apartment is now only 50 degrees. 

She said she has complained to management and heard nothing. Her building is not the only one.

Darwin Moore is using blankets and space heaters to try to stay warm. His electric bill doubled, but he's gotten no answers.

"They say that they'll send somebody," Moore said. "I haven't seen him yet. If you see him, send him over please."

A spokesperson told FOX 2 that crews fixing a leak in the roof had to turn the water off and that impacted the boiler. 

The heat was supposed to be back on that afternoon, but on Friday the same story and this mother said - even more leaks.

A spokesperson said that the heat was supposed to be back on Friday, but as of 5 p.m. - still no heat.