Waterford burglar steals cash, booze, recyclables amid 5-hour visit

The Savarino family left Waterford for a restful trip up north - and returned to find their house broken into.

Home security video shows the suspect acting bizarre during the break-in, meandering around inside stealing things and spending five hours inside.

"I walked through the door, and I saw some chocolate chips on the ground and I knew that I would not have left that there. I walked in further and I had this uneasy feeling," said Natalie Savarino.

After looking through surveillance footage she found a guy with the white hoodie taking all sorts of things from alcohol to frozen food, cash, cigars and random things like Ziploc bags and recyclables.  

"But left things that you would think he would take, like electronics, he left them there," she said. "I am not sure he was just after cash and booze, because he completely turned our house upside down."

"Our bedroom is an absolute mess we're trying to cycle through, go through our laundry and find what’s misplaced," said Anthony Savarino.

The suspect tried to kick in a door but then eventually walked around back and was able to get into a sliding glass door.

Video shows him just going in and out bringing with him bags of stuff.

"(We feel) mostly just frustrated, a little bit angry. It’s an invasion of privacy," said Anthony. "We live in a quiet neighborhood here, it is unsettling knowing someone was in our house."

The Savarinos and the police hope viewers might know the suspect. Take a good look and reach out to Waterford police if you know anything. Contact Det. Randolph at 248-618-6053.