Waterford police looking for gunman after shooting leaves 1 injured

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A quiet Waterford neighborhood was rocked by gunfire Wednesday afternoon.

One man was wounded, three were arrested and one armed suspect remains at large. That man is believed to be one of the shooters and is armed with a handgun. He is described as a black man in a black hoodie with black shorts standing about 6 feet tall.

An argument between 2 pairs of people led to the shooting which led to one person wounded in the groin - but is expected to recover.

Meanwhile A woman and her two grandchildren got a shock when a wounded man barged into their house. Twelve-year-old Zeke Willis and his sister Bella were outside looking for their lost cat at the time of the shooting, which happened at about 3 p.m. near Cass Lake and Elizabeth Lake Roads, 

"I thought it was fireworks so I look out the window and people are scattering, yelling there is a guy with a gun," Zeke said.

"I hear this pow, pow, pow and I was like shots fired because I watch too much TV," said Lori Gasta, their grandmother.

Their grandma, Lori Gasta, tried to get the kids upstairs. Before they could, a man barged into their home, bleeding from a gunshot wound to the groin. Zeke was eye to eye with him.

"I thought he looked at me, and I thought this is my moment I'm gone, I really thought this," he said.

As the man then fled, the kids ran and hid upstairs.

"My sister was crying and we were sitting there I said be calm and I grabbed the puppy, I handed it to her and said it is all going to be okay, it just really frightful," Zeke said.

FOX 2: "What do you think of your brother helping you out?" 

"I was happy because I didn't want anyone to die or anything," said Bella Willis, 9.

It soon became a manhunt. Police used a helicopter, K9 units and officers scouring the area. Three men involved in the shootout including the one who was hit were arrested. But a fourth man - armed with a handgun - was nowhere to be found.  

Zeke was a brave young man through this terrifying situation.

"I'm that's scary knowing that was right next to us," he said. "That could have been us."

If you live in the area and see anything suspicious, call 911 immediately.