Waterford township homes catch fire after power line falls, one firefighter injured

A firefighter was injured after crews battled a blaze in Waterford Township early Wednesday morning.

Around 2 in the morning, the Waterford Regional Fire Department responded to a possible downed power line that caught three homes on fire and may have caused a gas leak which lead to fire coming up from the ground.

While no residents were hurt, the homes did sustain varying degrees of damage. The fire happened near Rossiter Avenue.

"Very scary. Very scary when you're just standing around and the next thing you know it just lights up again when I'm outside. Not something I want to experience," said Scott Heyniger, a neighbor.

Firefighters eventually left the scene, however by 7 a.m. utility crews were still working to figure out what happened.

Crews from Bloomfield Township, Rochester Hills, Birmingham, Independence Township, and West Bloomfield all assisted.

While the investigation is ongoing and it's not clear what happened, the firefighter who was injured is expected to be okay.