Wayne Co. judge writes and sings songs about the pandemic

When he's at work, he wears a robe and swings a gavel. But for fun he picks up a guitar and sings some sweet tunes. 

Frank Szymanski is a Wayne County judge dealing through the difficulties and many times through the tragedies involving juveniles. But you can also call him Franklin Sane. 

The judge uses an alias because, well, why not? He's been rocking since a Dally in the Alley 20+ years ago. 

And like so many, he's been affected by the coronavirus and wanted to express himself through song.

"We've got heroes in our hospitals, in our grocery stores, in our delivery trucks and I just so much admire the work that so many people are doing," he says. 

Franklin Sane writes the lyrics and the music is composed by Rafael De La Rosa. The theme of living through is really opportunity. 

"I feel like I've been reawakened," he says. "We are basically at war right now. We've been attacked by a virus, and we have people who are really stepping up."

And although he's not ready to give up the day job, he is working on another song related to the coronavirus, also involving thanks to the first responders in this pandemic.

You can hear some of his music in the video player above.