Wayne County woman wins $500K from Michigan Lottery after scanning ticket she thought wasn't winner

A Wayne County woman said she scanned a scratch-off ticket with the Michigan Lottery app "to be sure," despite thinking it was a loser.

To her surprise, she was wrong about the ticket she had purchased at an Allen Park CVS – it was a $500,000 winner.

"I was visiting my mom and decided to stop and purchase a few tickets on my way home," said the 50-year-old woman, who chose to remain anonymous. "I scratched the tickets later that night and I didn’t think I won anything, but I scanned them on the Lottery app to be sure. When I scanned the Blazing Hot 7’s ticket and confetti came up on the screen with a winning amount of $500,000, I was confused."

After checking the ticket again, she saw it was true.

"I looked the ticket over again, which is when I realized I had overlooked ‘04’ in the ‘Your Numbers’ section. I started hyperventilating and called my mom and sister to tell them the news. They thought something bad had happened until I explained that I’d just won $500,000. I couldn’t sleep and was up all night because I was in such shock!" she said.

The woman plans to take a vacation and invest the rest of the money.

"Winning is such a blessing and will allow me to set myself up for a good future," she said.