Wayne State University taps 1st woman president in school history

Dr. Kimberly Andrews Espy made history on the campus of Wayne State University in Detroit on Tuesday.

Espy formally took the presidential oath of office at the school making her the 13th president at WSU and the first woman ever to hold that office. Espy succeeded Dr. M. Roy Wilson, who decided not to renew his contract.

Espy was named president after a national search and her arrival to the university is being called a pivotal moment.

"The fact that Dr Espy is now president of Wayne State is really a great inspiration for all the women in Detroit and elsewhere, that women can fill these leadership positions," said Nancy Tellum.

Tellem is the co-founder of BasBlue, an organization with a mission to create pathways and open doors for women.

"It isn’t just simply talking about putting women in leadership position but watching how women can function at an incredibly high level in these leadership positions which keep that door open," she said.

On Tuesday students attending the event noted the importance of diversity and inclusion in leadership positions at the university

"I’m very excited that we have a female coming in we just had a Black male president leave so it’s exciting to see some representation moving forward at Wayne State in our leadership," said Amanda York, senior.

Espy has more than 20 years of experience in higher education and is proud to be the first female president at the University.

"I am honored and humbled to serve this great university. We stand on the achievements of those who came before, and then hope to pick up that mantle and take it even further," Espy said.

A mission that Dr Espy is proud to navigate for the Wayne State community.

"From my perspective this university is doing great things for our students, great things for the city of Detroit, and we’re going to continue to embrace our students' success, embrace connecting with our community and then preparing our students for their career."

Dr. Kimberly Andrews Espy

Dr. Kimberly Andrews Espy