Weather leaves flooding and power outages in Livonia

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There has been flooding and power outages today in all parts of metro Detroit, with the majority of those without power here in Livonia.

Make shift stop signs were posted at Merriman and Seven Mile with backups during rush hour as storms rolled through producing heavy rain.

The wet weather caused flooding in all parts of southeast Michigan, including in Milan where people reported briefly seeing funnel clouds.

But the more hazardous situations were due to downed power lines. High winds, equipment failure and falling tree branches causing around 11,000 people to be without power Tuesday, many of those outages carrying over from Monday.

In Livonia, the most concentrated number of customers without power.

"There was a big bomb-type of explosion, a big flash of light," said Ransom Posh.

Posh witnessed a line blown in his own back yard at Merriman and Six Mile, due to a dead hanging tree limb he says he's complained about since winter. The explosion caused the hollow inside to smolder until it snapped - fortunately missing the remaining lines.

"Last week it was sparking up against the branch, today it finally came down enough to make contact," he said.

DTE now reporting the majority of customers who lost power now have it restored. Most of the flash flooding also has subsided.  DTE has extra crews working around the clock, and predicts that the power will be back on again for everybody by day light.