West Nile virus found in Wayne County - what you should know

For the first time this year there's confirmation the West Nile virus is in Wayne County. Mosquitoes in Redford Township have tested positive for the virus.
So far, it's only in the insects and there are no human cases, yet.

Here's the good news, 80 percent of people who are infected with it will be just fine. Mosquitoes are tough to avoid but the blood suckers are so tiny yet they can cause big problems. Infected mosquitoes can spread West Nile virus. 

About 80 percent of people feel no symptoms at all and about 20 percent will feel badly with body aches or vomiting. Less than one percent will get really sick.

Those who have been bit should go to the doctor's office if you have fever, headache or  neck stiffness immediately because that can be symptoms of megingitis.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, last year only one human case was reported in Michigan. So there's no need to panic, just be aware.

The most volunerable people are those over 60 so we have to make sure they stay away from mosquitos and stay protected.

To avoid West Nile virus, you avoid mosquito bites. That means bug spray, wear long sleeves and long pants and get rid of any standing water around your house. Mosquitos can breed in less than an inch of water.