Where is summer - and why hasn't it warmed up yet?

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Summer hasn't officially begun, but come on, it should be better than this shouldn't it?

In short, yes. We've been cooler than average (about 3 degrees) and wetter than average over the last six weeks. In fact, in June we've seen more days with highs in the 60s (three) than in the 80s (two). That isn't normal! 

The last time we were north of 80 was 10 days ago, back on June 8th. To add salt to the wound on this date one year ago... we had a high temperature of 96!

So, what the heck is going on? The simple answer is that the jet stream has lingered a little too far south so far this year, leaving us with clouds and cooler air. But honestly, I see something else. 

Parts of the Northern Plains and Midwest have been historically wet for months, even years. This is causing high levels of what's known as soil moisture - essentially water in the ground. 

When the ground is wet, the radiation from the sun doesn't heat it up as quickly and when it does more water evaporates. During the evaporation process, cooling occurs (it's actually called evaporative cooling) as more water enters the atmosphere.  More water in the atmosphere means more clouds, more clouds means more rain and more rain means wet ground again.  

The whole thing feeds off itself!

So when will it end?  Hard to say but it looks like we will see more heat around here beginning the middle of next week.  If we can get a dry stretch, that would help bust the feedback loop and help Summer begin to arrive.  Fingers crossed.