Who is Michigan's first living Jane Doe?

For four years, a woman has lived under three different names - none of which are her legal names. Investigators in Michigan are hoping someone somewhere knows her story.

Michigan State Police said the woman, who calls herself China Black, is the state's first ever living Jane Doe.

Jane Doe was taken in by Beyond Boundaries adult foster care in Romulus four years ago. They've had no luck finding out her name, where she's from, or what her full story is - now they've asked MSP for help, hoping to find a match with fingerprints and facial recognition.

They haven't gotten anywhere. 

Sgt. Sarah Krebs with the MSP Missing Persons Unit says they believe someone knows who she is.

"I know that she wants to be found and she wants to have a family again," Krebs said. 

Krebs said the woman doesn't have the ability to remember her real name or her past.

"I'm going to guess it's some kind of cognitive issue or some sort of brain injury that she has that she definitely seems to want to know who she is but she just can't recall," Krebs said.

Since the woman's picture was made public, they've gotten some tips. Several people recognized her because she's a double amputee and they remembered seeing her around Grand River and Livernois in Detroit. 

"We know at one point in her life she was probably homeless and that led to her being a double amputee, it sounds like she may have lost her legs due to frost bite," Krebs said.

If you know her contact Beyond Boundaries Adult Foster Care at 313-397-8761. 

Sgt. Krebs says anyone who comes forward won't be on the hook for any money. 

"She could be from anywhere but I'm guessing by some of the tips we've gotten, she's been here for quite some time so she probably does have family out there," Krebs said.