Whoopi Goldberg shares Aretha Franklin memories at Queen of Soul's funeral

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Along the Aretha Franklin funeral procession route a party-like atmosphere took over Friday night with fans lining the street.

Two of the many VIP guests, Whoopi Goldberg and the Rev. Al Sharpton spoke about The Queen of Soul and her legacy.

Goldberg said that Aretha always demanded respect and that every woman should, as well.

"There are great woman and you have to acknowledge them as they come along," Goldberg said. "She was an extraordinary woman who fought a lot of battles. People don't realize how many battles she fought."

She added that "respect" was a way of Aretha Franklin.

"You couldn't fool around and see if maybe you could maybe disrespect her a little bit. There was none of that - it was respect all the way. You did not play with her. It was all or nothing.

"And that is what every woman should remember to demand for themselves."

Sharpton said he grew up on her music, never dreaming that he would one day know her personally. He said the atmosphere of the ceremony was "electric."

"Because of the spirit and the feeling of the people, I think lifted the mourning spirit," Sharpton said. "The family wanted a celebration and they wanted to make a statement the way Aretha would have wanted it to be made."