With 25 cameras Corktown becomes Green Light Corridor

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The high-tech crime reduction of Project Green Light Detroit has expanded to Corktown, officials announced Wednesday.

There are 20 high-definition cameras along Michigan Avenue with six businesses joining the Detroit Green Light project. 

"I think the proof is in the pudding - ever since this corridor has been active for a month we have seen a 95 percent reduction in auto thefts and break-ins," said Bob Roberts, owner of McShane's.

In an effort to combat crime, Project Green Light Detroit first began in January 2016 when the Detroit Police Department partnered with eight local gas stations to install real-time connections that feed directly back to police headquarters. A few short later the project has grown to 425 participating businesses across the city.

"This is a small idea of trying to create safe havens," said Detroit Police Chief James Craig. 

Dozens of analysts monitor Green Light cameras as videos stream in.

"Now we have 62 civilian analysts," Mayor Mike Duggan said. "Who are tracking patterns, social media, watching cameras and zeroing in."