With strong winds, rain on the way, St. Clair Shores prepares for more possible flooding

St. Clair Shores preps for another round of flooding this week

The rain is back and for people in St. Clair Shores, they're prepping for yet another round of possible flooding as the wind blows from the lake and snow continues to melt farther north.

People are out filling, loading, and piling the sandbags to stop the predicted flood that could cause significant problems in St. Clair Shores. One neighbor said he's been here 45 years and has only seen this one other time.

In 1986, the city was devastated by flooding and this year could be worse. The National Weather Service has issued a lakeshore flood warning starting at 2 p.m. Wednesday through 2 p.m. Thursday for Lake. St. Clair. Strong easterly winds combined with higher water level could mean serious problems.

Sandbags ready along Lake St. Clair as rain continues in SE Michigan

"Tomorrow night's going to be a biggie - if that east wind comes around at 25 miles an hour - you're going to see some troubles," one man, who only gave his first name of Mark, said. 

"When that wind comes out of the east - even without the waves, that water goes up  two-and a half to three inches - and so then you get the waves. Really for our lakefront properties if you get a 2 - 3 foot wave on top of it, it can be truly truly devastating," city Manager MIke Smith said.

Smith issued an emergency declaration on May 1, after the Army Corps of Engineers predicted 8 more inches of water coming down from snow melting on Lake Superior and in Canada. Now, more rain.

"Everybody needs to remember that they have a responsibility to secure their waterfront so that the water doesn't only not impact their land but the surrounding residents or businesses or city streets," ____ said.

Along the water line, it really can't go much higher without breaching the wall. Once that happens, major flooding is likely. Now is the time, Mayor Kip Walby says, to pull together to keep everyone safe and dry.

"It's a great community - we had people on the weekend helping sandbag - we've got the sandbagger out here but you gotta get out  here and use the sand and start bagging that up - the water's coming," Walby said.

It's a scene that played out just last week. Thankfully, the city was spared then of the worst of the flooding. Will it be as fortunate this time? 


Department of Public Works - 19700 Pleasant
Civic Arena - 20000 Stephens
Lac Ste Clair Park Guard Shack - 27600 Jefferson
Veterans Memorial Park Guard Shack - 32400 Jefferson

Sand piles will be available for resident to fill the sand bags at:
Civic Arena Parking Lot - 20000 Stephens
Lac Ste Clair Park (Behind City Hall) Parking Lot - 27600 Jefferson
Veterans Memorial Park Parking Lot - 32400 Jefferson

Residents are asked to take no more than 100 sand bags at a time.