Witness: 35-year-old woman shot, killed in car 'drove while she was dying'

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A 35-year-old woman was shot and killed Saturday afternoon a man fired into her car as she drove down Mansfield Street on Detroit's west side.

While driving down the 6500 block of Mansfield at 4:25 p.m. Saturday in a red Chevy Malibu, a black male in a white Infiniti shot into her car, according to Detroit police.

The woman was shot multiple times behind the wheel and was taken to an area hospital where she died.

Neighbors said the gunfire started in at a home on Forrer Street in broad daylight. One neighbor, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she heard six to eight gunshots coming from the vacant house.

"They shot that house up, and then they shot up the house up in front of me," she said.

Bullets flew everywhere, hitting several homes.

"It got shot up here," the neighbor continued. "And it got shot on the other side where the awning in the kitchen window."

The gunfire made its way over to Mansfield, only a block away, where police found the woman's Malibu crashed into a tree.

"From the beginning, cars, tires, squealed for a long time -- 15 or 20 seconds -- that I thought were going to come into us," said Lynn House, president of the neighborhood association. "I could see out of the white car's window, a glock firing until the chamber was empty."

House said the woman was shot several times in the chest, from what she could tell.

"Somehow she turned the car around after she was shot. The car is facing the opposite direction now. So she was basically driving the car while she was dying," she said.

While investigators piece together this most recent crime, no one else got caught in the cross fire this time.

"You've been here so long and they get into trouble and it fires back on other people. That's not right," the neighbor said.

Those with information are encouraged to call Detroit police or Crime Stoppers.