Woman accidentally shoots husband after altercation with neighbor on Detroit's westside

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A Non-fatal shooting occurred Sunday morning in the 2000 block of Atkinson on Detroit’s Westside.

Two men involved in a physical altercation over money, ends with shots being fired from the victim’s wife. 

"He’s like I’m not gonna let you assault me and he comes or the car with the gun im like okay, you’re still a BLEEP,” neighbor Muhammad Jamil said.

After the cursing back and forth the neighbor’s wife comes out,

“That’s when he started to talk more, he said you think I need a gun, i don't need a gun, that’s when he lunged at me I dropped my phone.”

Four shots were fired, Jamil said the woman fired at him but hit her husband in the leg instead.

Fox 2: "Do you think she was aiming at you?"

"She was definitely aiming for me, she was aiming for me last week when she pulled the trigger on me,” Jamil said.

Jamil claims the couple who he's arguing with had gotten into a fight with him last week, the woman pulling a gun and the man pulling a knife.

Fox 2: “Do you wish you had reported them he first time?"

"I definitely do, it wouldn’t have escalated to this, it was an argument that I didn’t want to happen.

The reason the first incident was not reported is because the neighbor’s daughters are best friends.

"My daughter and her daughter are best friends I didn’t want anything to happen to the kids that’s the only reason why I didn’t report it," he said.