Woman arrested for Troy car wash rampage

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A woman who allegedly attacked car wash employees and turned a water spray gun on them is facing felony charges.

Police say tempers flared inside the Troy car wash after a woman allegedly grabbed a broom and goes on a rampage in the morning of Feb. 5.

The suspect, 24-year-old Sada Taylor, pulled up to Pro Car Wash on Rochester Road.
After having to wait in line she became angry. Taylor allegedly got out of her car -- picked up a push broom and started beating an employee with the handle -- injuring him.
She then got hold of a spray gun and began shooting employees with water. Investigators say she fled in a white Toyota with her sister following her out in another car.
"She grabbed a weapon, a (push broom) that was right there in the car wash and started swinging it at the head of the person that was just trying to wash cars for the day and do his job," said Lt. Josh Jones, Troy police.

Police arrested Taylor a short time after she fled the car wash. She is facing charges of felonious assault and two counts of assault and battery.