Woman banned from Walmart after demanding half off price of cake she ate half of in store

A woman who ate half a cake at a Walmart in Texas and refused to pay for the half that was missing was barred from the store by police on Tuesday.

The unidentified woman entered the bakery section of the Walmart store in Wichita Falls, then walked around the store as she ate half of the cake, the Wichita Falls Police Department said. 

When she went to the register, she claimed that half of the cake was missing and refused to pay for the missing half, according to police. She wanted to pay half-price for the baked good. 

A manager of the Walmart store then called the police. 

Officers responded to the theft call on June 25 around 8:10 p.m.

After the woman ended up paying for the entirety of the cake, police barred her from the store for theft. No arrests were made.

In January, a Walmart also in Wichita Falls asked officers to ban a woman who had been drinking wine from a Pringles can for several hours as she rode around the store’s parking lot on an electric cart.