Woman carjacked and kidnapped from parking lot in Taylor, driven to ATM before attacked

Police are investigating after a woman was carjacked and kidnapped Wednesday morning from a parking lot in Taylor, and that the suspect drove her around town and to an ATM before he attacked her and left her in the street. 

A suspect was eventually taken into custody later that evening by Detroit police. 

Police say the woman was arriving to work at the Bed, Bath and Beyond at Eureka and Telegraph roads Wednesday around 7:45 a.m. when she noticed a man in the parking lot. 

According to the police report, she waited for the man to walk by before getting out of her car, but then he came up to her, pointed something that looked like a gun at her and told her to scoot over. 

The man then drove the two of them to the Huntington Bank ATM outside the Meijer on Pardee and took $100 out after she gave him her PIN. 

The suspect then drove around a bit more before going to the dead end on Huron and telling the woman to get out of the car. She then felt something tight around her neck and realized he was choking her with her phone charger. 

She eventually passed out, and when she woke up later she was alone and her car was gone. She ran to a nearby store and called police. 

Taylor police say a suspect was taken into custody by Detroit police later that evening, but haven't given any other details. They also didn't say if the woman's black 2016 Dodge 1500 had been found.