Woman charged after driving off in construction worker's car from site

A 31-year-old woman from Warren is facing charges after police say she tried to steal a car from a construction site, and tried to run over the owner as he chased after her. 

It happened the morning Aug. 6 near the road construction on Dequindre, just south of Big Beaver Road. 

The construction workers said a woman they didn't know got into one of their cars, a 2002 Volkswagen Jetta, and started to drive off. The keys were still in the glove box. 

The owner saw what was happening and ran over to the car, and police say she tried to run over him. Meanwhile another employee got into the company pick-up truck and followed her. 

She drove south on Dequindre and eventually drove behind some businesses on E. Maple Road, about a mile down the road. The employee in the company truck was able to block in the stolen car. 

Police say the woman then got out of the Jetta and threw a drink at him. Then she tried to hit the man, and he pulled her to the ground and kept her there until police came. 

The woman, who's been identified as Stacey McCombs, was arrested and charged with unlawful driving away of an automobile, and felonious assault.