Woman collects dresses to give to deserving teens for prom

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Prom dresses can be pretty pricey - and some students simply can't afford to go. That's why one local woman is calling on all of us to say yes to the prom dress.

"When I first wore this, I just felt so beautiful," said Djay Raska, holding her wedding dress.

Raska's wedding gown is now being donated to an event she's created "Say yes to the prom dress." It's an effort to make sure every girl has the perfect dress for prom. For Djay - it's personal.

"My senior year when it was time for my prom, I wasn't able to afford a prom dress," she said. She remembers how her high school sweetheart - now her husband - helped pay for her dress. 

Now, 10 years later, she is holding a donation drive collecting gently used, clean gowns to give to other girls who may not be able to go to prom because they can't afford it.

"People don't go because they don't have a dress, they can't afford the ticket or, what they have doesn't make them feel beautiful," Raska said. And she wants every girl to feel beautiful.

So right now prom dresses, wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses can be dropped off at Blumz by JR Designs Florist in Ferndale.

A girl in need of a prom dress must fill out an online form about dress size and color preference and will be able to pick up her dress there in April.

"We just want to help any girl - in any neighborhood, any high school who needs a prom dress," she said.

And that means she needs you to donate that dress you don't wear that's just hanging in your closet. It could be the perfect fit for someone else for prom.

"We don't discriminate against the dresses - all dresses are welcome," Raska quipped. "You are going to make someone else's day - you're going to make another young woman happy, feel beautiful and confident - and that's what it's all about."

Clean, gently used prom/wedding/bridesmaid dresses can be dropped off through March 25th at Blumz at 503 E. Nine Mile road in Ferndale.

>>Girls who need a dress must email Djay Raska at YESTOTHEPROMDRESS@GM.