Woman faces big vet bills as she works to save pet critically injured in dog attack

A Harper Woods woman says a dog attack on her own pet has left her facing a difficult situation. 

Her own dog needs two surgeries to repair internal injuries from the recent attack. However, the cost to cover them extend beyond her own means. However, saying goodbye to her dog is too much grief to handle.

The dog, whose name is 1800, was wearing a cone Monday. 1800 had major gashes to its stomach. However, the bigger problems are inside. 

"His lungs are punctured. His stomach is dislocated out of the wall," Shelia Jones said. "They told me from 7 to $10,000 - he can’t just have one surgery, he needs both surgeries."

1800 has a special relationship with Jones. He was given to her by her husband as an emotional support after her mom died. After her husband died, the dog is one of the living memories that Jones can hold onto when she remembers her family.

Then last week, the neighbor's dog attacked 1800. Camera from a home caught the brutal attack. Jones said it was the fourth separate incident where the neighbor's dog has attacked one of her pets.

Shelia Jones and her dog 1800

In Harper Woods, the city's policy on pet removal is determined by the police department. The dog must be removed by the owner or risk being euthanized if police determine it to be "dangerous and vicious, as defined, and of immediate threat to the health, safety and welfare of the public."

Jones said the neighbor put up a fence to stop the attacks. She doesn't think it's a sufficient solution. Now stuck with mounting vet bills, the neighbor paid for some of the expenses. However, he can't afford the major one - two separate surgeries.

A gofundme was put up by Jones for anyone willing to contribute to 1800s surgeries.