Woman facing charges for shooting at car full of people

Dozens of charges are filed against a local woman accused of shooting up a car full of people, including children.

Thankfully no one was hit, but prosecutors aren't letting the alleged shooter off the hook.

Ciera Bryant was arraigned in Highland Park on Thursday on 36 charges, including felonious assault, felony firearm and assault with intent to murder.

Bryant is accused of shooting into a car packed with 6 people inside, including two young children.

Highland Park police say around 2 a.m. Thursday, they were called to a home on Moss Street.

A woman accused her now ex-boyfriend of assaulting her, and 12 hours later they say that ex-boyfriend showed up to return her belongings.

"Some words were exchanged and the adopted sister pulled a weapon out and fired a shot into the car as it was pulling away," Detective Brian Menge of Highland Park Police said.

Police were quickly called as the car was discovered a block away. The back window was blown out.

"Thankfully based on her careless actions no child or adult was struck in the vehicle. It had the potential for disaster," Menge said.

Outside court on Thursday. Bryant's family told Fox 2 that Bryant was only trying to protect her sister and friend from her abusive ex-boyfriend and may not have realized children were in the back seat. They added that Bryant is bipolar and off of her medication.

After the arraignment, Bryant, who is five months pregnant, became extremely emotional. Her bond has been set at a half a million dollars cash.