Woman fatally shot, pregnant woman wounded at birthday party

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A man opened fire at a birthday party in Highland Park, killing one woman and sending another to the hospital.

The boyfriend of Tiffany Cook spoke about the final moments he spent with her before she was shot at about 1:30 a.m. Easter morning at a birthday celebration at a social club.

"I'm just all messed up, it's all bad," said the boyfriend. "She was right beside me and I see her body go down and I jump on top of her. It was just over."

Cook was a mother of three.

"When they put her on a stretcher I said is she alright, and they said 'Yeah she is still breathing,'" the boyfriend said. "By the time we got to hospital that's when they pronounced her dead."

Police say it was fight between two people at the party that led to the incident.

"After the fight was over there was a big crowd and after that they got to shooting," the boyfriend said.

"The suspect in this case produced a weapon possibly more than one weapon," said Det. Paul Thomas of Highland Park police.

Police say a 25-year-old pregnant woman trying to escape gunfire was shot twice in the leg, but is expected to make a full recovery and her unborn child is not in danger.

"We have two young women, both innocent bystanders, victims of a nonsensical argument," said Thomas.

Police believe people at the party can provide much needed answers.

"We haven't heard from all the partygoers, many are scared," Thomas said.

For now Cook's boyfriend is holding onto memories

"Tiffany was a beautiful person, I loved Tiffany dearly, I still do," said the boyfriend.

As the investigation continues, police want anyone who has information about the shooter to call them at (313) 852-7338.