Woman found dead in backyard, boyfriend turns himself in

“They were the best couple that I’ve ever seen in my life,” said neighbor Pete Patton. 

That statement is what makes this story so shocking to neighbors who live on Woodside in Harper Woods. 

Early Sunday morning police received a call stating a 37-year-old woman was dead in her backyard with wounds to her chest and back. 

“I was sleep,” Patton said. “I didn’t hear nothing. The next I heard was she was dead.”

The people who live next door say it was the woman’s boyfriend who made the call and the one who turned himself in to police. 

“When I heard about it this morning, I was so shocked because you never would have thought that someone would have done something like that,” said neighbor Pamela Kearse. 

Everyone FOX 2 spoke to said the same thing. They never saw any problems between the couple, and everything seemed fine on the outside looking in. 

“Always laughing and joking, like normal people, like family,” said neighbor Linda Barnes. 

“I’m just sending my prayers to her kids and her family,” said friend Nisha Barnes. “I know she had younger kids and this is just crazy.”