Woman jumped and beaten leaving Melvindale McDonald's

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A quick fast-food run turns into a nightmare for a local woman who was jumped while leaving a Melvindale McDonald's.

That woman was inside the store getting an order corrected and says she noticed a woman behind her who seemed angry but she didn't give it much thought. The moment she stepped outside the door, she was attacked.

"I got hit so hard in the back of my head, like they hit me so hard in the back of my head," she said. "I'm on the ground, I'm getting stomped in the back of my head, my back, my shoulders."

Her body bruised, her face swollen. Mercedes Brim is still wrapping her head around the unprovoked attack she suffered at the Melvindale McDonald's on Oakwood.

It happened around 12:45 Tuesday at the hands of at least two people, a man and woman. There were several people inside the restaurant when it went down.

FOX 2: "No one came to help you?"

"No one," she said. "There were so many people in there, men, women, people that worked there.

"Nobody did. They told me they didn't come out because they didn't know if the people who attacked me had guns and they didn't want to risk their lives."

"So you're at McDonald's getting a meal, you walk outside and all of a sudden you get hit in the back of the head? It's uncalled for," said Melvindale Police Chief John Allen. "We should be better than that as a society."

Melvindale police is investigating the attack. Prior to it, the female suspect was arguing with McDonald's workers and tried to get Brim involved -- but she refused.

Witnesses describe the suspects as a young white woman with dark hair, wearing pink or red tank top and a light-skinned black man with a high top fade haircut with a blonde patch.

Brim says there was at least one other attacker, a white man.

"My daughter, when I came home, she's like, what happened to your eye, and I had to lie to her," she said. "I'm like I hit myself in the door at work, because I don't want to tell her that some men jumped on me."

Witnesses told police they saw the suspects leave in a dark blue four-door Buick, one witness had a partial plate number of CKN. If you have any information about what happened, contact Melvindale police at (313) 429-1070.