Woman narrowly missed as house shot up by random gunfire

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Bullets fly right through a home on Detroit's west side, narrowly missing the people inside.

Now there are bullet holes everywhere, the shooter is still at large and the people inside are lucky to be alive.Linda Kirby was in her home on Stout Street in Detroit Thursday night reading her Bible.

Her granddaughter Mia was asleep in a bedroom nearby when gunshots flew through her home.

"And then the next minute you hear bang, and then boom," said Linda Kirby.

The terrifying moments were also witnessed by Kirby's sister who was sitting nearby on a couch in the living room.

"She said 'Hit the floor' because she hit the floor," Kirby said. "If she would not have hit the floor, that bullet would have hit her in her head and the other on by me hitting the floor would have hit me in the back."

Kirby says after the shots rang out she heard these sounds from outside.

"I heard two car doors shut and a car skid off," she said.

Bullet holes and shattered glass are now frightening reminders and Kirby says she plans to move out of her house. But she is still wondering why she was targeted.

"I've been here more than 22 years and never had any problems with anybody."

Kirby says despite the ordeal she's happy no one was hurt or killed.

"That was God's grace and mercy that we are still here today," she said.

Detroit police say they are looking into this incident and as their investigation continues, this homeowner has a message for the people who shot up her house.

"Whoever did this come forth and turn yourself in," Kirby said. "Because I never did anything to you."