Woman says abandoned homes next to her causing major problems after tree falls in driveway

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A Detroit mother has two abandoned homes on each side of her, she says she has been trying to get them torn down now they are causing major problems.

A tree fell down and now she can't even get her car out. 

“Could have come through my house today,” Joyce Elston said.

Joyce Elston emotional at the thought of what could have happened she's sandwiched between two deteriorating homes. 

“What in the world is going to be next is it going to catch on fire,” she said.

The one to the left of her is on the land bank demolition list with thousands of others, she was worried something like this was going to happen and Sunday afternoon it did.

“My roof is leaking its blocking in a vehicle, if we need to move a vehicle right now we can't move it,” Elston said. 

Before the tree fell Elston called the land bank to see where the house was on the demo list.

“I get told they are on the list to be torn down,” she said. 

FOX 2 Problem solvers stepped in to help.

A spokesperson with the land bank says they weren't aware of the tree situation, when we told them what happened to Mrs. Elston they arranged to have a crew sent out Monday.

Fox 2: “What would you like to look out our kitchen window and see over there?” 

“Nothing! On both sides, nothing a vacant lot,” she said. 

Elston says there are more issues, it’s not just the tree.

“There’s diapers and mattresses, sheets of glass.” she said.

Like many other stories you've seen right here abandoned lots become dumping grounds attracting all kinds of unwanted guests.

“Mice, roaches, raccoons, rats,” she described.

One of Joyce's problems is solved now she wants the house torn down for good!