Woman says cemetery ruined her husband's $3,500 custom casket

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Last fall Glenda Hollie lost the love of her life when her husband Kenneth Hollie died.

His final resting place was Roseland Park Cemetery in Berkley. But Hollie says during the funeral on September 21, cemetery workers ruined her husband's custom made $3,500 casket

"These three workers were just rushing to put him in," she said. "I wish I videotaped it but I had no idea it would end up like this but they forcefully stuffed him in there. It was not leveled and you could hear it scraping."

For months Hollie says she and other family members have tried to get the cemetery to hear their concerns and provide a fair resolution.

"We got the runaround," she said. "They said this happens sometimes but that's not resolving the problem.

"At least pay for the casket I don't want him moved. He's resting peacefully and I want him to continue resting peacefully."

The manager at Roseland said he could not comment and referred Fox 2 to their management company Midwest Memorial Group in Beverly Hills.

FOX 2 paid that office a visit but was told to call the company's corporate offices in Canada.

But Hollie says a short time after leaving Midwest Memorial Group, she was contacted by the cemetery in Berkley and was told that all of her requests will be honored and they will do so in a "timely fashion."

"Make it right I am paying my bill," Hollie said. "I pay every month. I'm not expecting anything that's unrealistic. If the shoe was on the other foot, I'm certain they would want the same courtesy given to them."