Woman says ex-MSU faculty athletic rep had inappropriate relationship with her 25 years ago

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Another Michigan State University staffer hit with allegations of misconduct.

This time it is journalism professor Sue Carter has publicly criticized MSU's handling of the Larry Nassar scandal and even resigned her post on the school's athletic council.

Carter very vocal last week about the university's handling of the Larry Nassar scandal - now she's the one being investigated for an inappropriate relationship with a student. 

"She's part of his system that silences women and she tried present herself as different than that," said Ellen Fedon Keyt.

Like so many, Ellen Fedon Keyt is riveted to coverage of the sexual assault scandal at MSU - where she graduated.

Last week, she read an article about long-time professor Sue Carter. Carter announced she was stepping down as the faculty athletic representative because of MSU's mishandling of the scandal.

"You can't put yourself out there as an ethical leader when I’ve experienced you as part of this problem," Keyt said.

In that letter, Carter said "As professor and priest I am profoundly saddened by Michigan State University's public posture and seemingly callous regard for these girls and women."

Keyt says after reading it, she couldn't keep quiet anymore. She says 25 years ago her and Professor Carter had a sexual relationship.

"She invited me out to coffee and started inviting me out to lunch, asked me how I was doing," Keyt said. "It felt like I mattered to somebody."

The two met at Wayne State University in the early 90s. Carter was her professor there for several semesters while teaching at MSU as well. 

The now psychologist says at that time her dad died in a plane crash while fighting overseas - so she was vulnerable. 

"She would have me come up to Lansing where she was renting an apartment when she was teaching at MSU and that's where I would spend the night," Keyt said.

In a statement Carter says "I am sorry for the harm she believes I caused in a consensual relationship 25 years ago when I was not her professor and we were at different universities."

"In my mind, she was always my professor, she was 21 or 22 years older than me," Keyt said. "I'm not sure what kind of mental gymnastics are going on that makes that okay, because it's not okay."

Keyt doesn't recall if she was actually enrolled in Carter's class during their sexual relationship.

Ellen has filed a formal complaint with MSU, who is apparently investigating.

Carter says this is "a knee jerk reaction from a troubled woman made a quarter century later."