Woman stabbed, 2 arrested in Rouge Park brawl for parking spot

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A video of a brawl that broke out at Detroit's Rouge Park quickly circulated on social media leading to two arrests.

It was all over a stolen parking spot -- two women wrestled one another to the ground Sunday evening.

A crowd gathered around, cheering them on as hair pulling turns into a stabbing.

In the video, the 31-year-old victim stands up and lifts her shirt, showing the blood on her chest before falling back to the ground.

"There was no parking at all - just congested - couldn't even get through here at all," WHO said. (I think Tracy)

People who gathered at Rouge Park on Monday say Sunday's nice weather brought out huge crowds -- there was hardly anywhere to park.

Police say the victim and her friend were about to pull into a parking space when women in a black Buick Rendezvous stole their spot.

A confrontation led to the stabbing. Police say either a box cutter or knife was used to stab the one victim in her chest, while another had a laceration to her arm.

"No kind of crime should occur out here at the park - a crime period," said Reginald.

People at the park say that wasn't the only problem on Sunday. A guy on a motorcycle was knocked off his bike and somebody started a fire.

"It's a shame - people bring their kids here to play in the park and then you have adults up here - they're just acting a fool," Reginald said.

"Not even summer yet and this is bad - you know what I'm saying? For this time of year," Tracy said.

The woman stabbed in the chest was taken to the hospital and relatives say she is now home and recovering.

On Monday, police arrested two women ages 21 and 22 in connection with the attack.